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After your casebooks, Casenotes Legal Briefs are your most important law school reference sources. With more than 150 titles available, Casenotes Legal Briefs is the most popular and current legal briefs series in law schools across the country. Relied on by tens of thousands of students, these comprehensive briefs provide expert case summaries and comprehensive analyses, including concurrences and dissents.
The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for outlining, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for studying. These course outlines have been relied on by generations of law students. Each title includes both capsule and detailed versions of the critical issues and key topics, exam questions with model answers, and a cross reference table of cases for all of the leading casebooks.
A favorite among professors and students alike, the Examples and Explanations Series is ideal for study, review, and testing your understanding through application of hypothetical examples. E&E titles offer a combination of hypothetical questions in the legal subject area, complimented by detailed explanations which allow you to test your knowledge of the topic.
Learn understanding and application through practice and review of multiple choice questions and the analyses of all the answers provided. Lead-up discussions about the law in the text prepare you for subsequent questions. Clear explanations of correct and incorrect answers help to clarify nuances in the law. Useful exam-taking pointers also appear throughout the books.
A must-have reference library for every law student, each title in the Introduction to Law Series contains comprehensive treatment of the subject matter. Featuring footnotes citing case law, statutes, and other authorities, each volume in the Introduction to Law Series is ideal for in-depth review of particular issues and points of law.
The Law in a Flash comprehensive flash cards are ideal for reviewing legal topics point by point. Each card contains a succinct question on one side, and provides a precise answer on the flip side. These cards are the only product of their kind, and they can be used anytime, anywhere.
CrunchTime provides a comprehensive topic breakdown and critical information review all in one tool! The application flow charts can be used all semester long, but the capsule summaries are ideal exam preparation. Each title offers capsule summaries of major points of law and critical issues, exam tips for identifying common traps and pitfalls, sample exam and essay questions with model answers, and recommended approaches for crafting essays that will get winning grades!
Ideal for self quizzing, the Siegel's Series works through key topics in Q&A format. A proven resource for high performance, each title in this exam-prep series contains multiple choice questions and answers, as well as essay questions with model answers.